Out View: Holy sh-nowstorm

Mar 262009

Joy to the world, the school got closed!

In the off chance you didn’t come to campus yesterday or didn’t check your e-mail or the winter weather caused your brain to completely freeze over, our lovely university closed Thursday for the first time in six years due to inclement weather.

The peak of the storm has passed Fort Collins, but snow is expected to continue until tomorrow morning.

Hopefully, though, snow doesn’t slow too much that we won’t blessed with another snow day. If we do, here are our our suggestions for a wonderful day in the snow.

Hit the store

Bundle in your best winter-wear and hoof it over to the local grocery store. Leave the car at home — the roads suck and, truthfully, we saw enough fender-benders on Thursday.

Cold weather begs for hot foods, so stock up on a couple days worth of frozen pizza and canned soups. Don’t forget to bring home hot chocolate, too.

Afterward, if you’re of age, scoot next door to the local liquor mart and stock up. Nothing’s better when you’re snowed in then a little liquid blanket (warning: liquor will not prevent hypothermia, so still dress warm).

Battle it out

When the weather’s this perfect, you can’t pass up a good ol’ fashioned snowball fight. But before you get started, you need to fortify your defenses and build a fort.

Grab a shovel, build up those walls and call your friends. Battle until you can’t battle any more.

When you’re finished, head in, warm up and have a brew.

Here’s to hoping for another day off. Enjoy the snow, Rammies.

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