Mar 262009
Authors: Stephen Lin

After crashing into another car and plowing into an empty building, three people, including a CSU freshman, were arrested Wednesday evening according to a Fort Collins Police Services press release.

Tyler Gottfried, a freshman undeclared major, Garret Jalving of Fort Collins, and Kyle Lindgreen of Fort Collins were arrested March 25 on a variety of charges.

Gottfried was arrested for obstructing police, underage consumption of alcohol and violation of protection order. Jalving was arrested for underage consumption of alcohol. The driver, Lindgreen, was arrested for vehicular eluding resulting in bodily injury.

After receiving several REDDI (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately) reports, officers identified a 2005 Ford four-door truck driving westbound on Prospect Road near the intersection with College Avenue. The truck ran over the concrete median turning left onto College and an officer attempted to stop the vehicle. As the truck sped away, the officer chose not to pursue the vehicle because of the danger to innocent bystanders.

The truck then rear-ended a 2002 Subaru station wagon, which was also pushed into another car. No one in either vehicle was injured.

The driver then turned into a parking lot at the corner of Rutgers Avenue and College Avenue and crashed into a vacant building, the former home of Safelite Autoglass.

Two of the occupants fled from the scene but were arrested by officers on foot while the third occupant was arrested as he exited the truck.

Lindgreen and Jalving were transported to Poudre Valley Hospital after their arrest where they were treated for injuries sustained after their truck crashed.

Lindgreen will likely face more charges with the Larimer County District Attorney after the investigation is completed.

According to the 2008 CSU Safety Update, underage consumption of alcohol can result in a $50 to $250 fine, up to 24 hours of community service, alcohol evaluation, and a 3-month suspension of a driver’s license.

In 2007 CSUPD reported 853 underage possession violations in the residence halls and 94 arrests for liquor law violations.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving reports that each year 1,700 college-age students die from alcohol-related injuries and 599,000 students are unintentionally injured under the influence of alcohol. They also report say that 2.1 million drive under the influence of alcohol each year.

A 2005 ASCSU Trends survey found that 5.83 percent of CSU students drive home after going out to a party and drinking, while 27.16 percent don’t drink and 35.16 percent ride with a completely sober driver.

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