Ram Talk

Mar 252009

I walked around all day yesterday in a kilt and not a word. Really RamTalk? I’m offended.

-To the people who were talking about how pregnant women are eating for two, does it go the same way for drinking?

-To all out of state students: Next time you sleep in class I hope you realize you are paying $1 per minute

-WARNING TO ALL MEN: Female sexual predators are using a date rape drug called BLOW JOBS to lure men into scams called relationships.

-Is it just me, or does anyone else feel special when their twitter is exactly 140 characters?

-To the hot blonde in the parking lot yesterday: Were you smiling at me because you thought I was cute, or were you laughing at my failing attempt at Mustache March?

-I hope people regret complaining about Repeat/Delete now that there aren’t any funny comics left.

-A big shout out to my major, Communication Studies. Good call on getting rid of all the land line phones in the department just to save a bit of money. Really? Anyone else see irony in this?

-To the girl I saw fill her To-Go Bowl in Corbett with Pepsi, I will gladly buy you a Nalgene. Or a box of straws at least.

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