Mar 252009

Here’s Sonny — and not a moment too soon.

In a press conference Wednesday at Rockwell Hall, the College of Business announced former head football coach and CSU’s beloved grandfather Sonny Lubick would once again be joining the university.

But this time around there are no pads and helmets, no Saturday afternoon celebrations and no late night film sessions.

Instead, Lubick will be working for the College of Business as director of community leadership outreach.

The title comes with the responsibility of directing a program that will connect the school to what Dean Ajay Menon described as, “K-12, business, and alumni audiences.”

But honestly, who cares what his job entails as long as we got our “coach” back.

And why wouldn’t he take the job? He’s the only person to be hired by the university despite the current hiring-freeze, which went through approval by interim provost Rick Miranda and interim CSU President Tony Frank.

Plus, the former Sports Illustrated National Coach of the Year pulls in money from his newly open Sonny Lubick Restaurant in Old Town, credit union advertisements on television and the remainder of his contract after being terminated by former President Larry Penley more than 14 months ago.

But those 14 long, agonizing, Lubick-less months left us wanting our Sonny.

So bring it in for a big bear hug, Sonny-boy; we missed you oh so much.

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