Letter to the editor

Mar 252009

I would like to extend my greatest respect to Brian Lancaster in his police perception article on Wednesday. I completely agree that the police do not receive the respect they deserve and people should not blame the police for something that they, themselves, did wrong.

People need to remember that it is society who makes the rules that the police enforce; they do not just enforce whatever rules they believe should be put in place.

Many people are in full support of the police “busting” those young speeding drivers or those who do not stop at stop signs, but when it happens to them, it is a completely different story — it is the police’s fault that they broke the law.

Come on society, you cannot blame everything on others, especially when it is obviously your fault. I believe that the police have enough to deal with without the false accusations irresponsible members of society throw at them.

Josh McClure


sociology major

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