Mar 252009
Authors: Matt Minich

The Associated Students of CSU released its first student guide for the city council elections this week, rating candidates on their stances on the environment, housing, the economy, transit and their relations with CSU./

Each candidate was given a letter grade on each issue that was determined by a panel of 13 students./

Scores for each candidate are as follows:

-Doug Hutchinson, incumbent mayoral candidate

Environment: B+; housing: C+; economy: B+; relations: A-; transit: B+. Average: B+

-Tom Griggs, mayoral candidate Environment: A; housing: I; economy: C; relations: D; transit: B. Average: C

-Ben Manvel, incumbent District 1 candidate

Environment: A; housing: C-; economy: B-; relations: C+; transit: B. Average: B-

-Vivian Armendariz, District 1 candidate

Environment: C+; housing: A-; economy: D+; relations: C+; transit: B. Average: B-

-Ken Anderson, District 1 candidate

Environment: C+; housing: A-; economy: B; relations: B+; transit: B+. Average: B

-Aislinn Kottwitz, District 3 candidate

Environment: B+; housing: B; economy: B-; relations: C+; transit: B+. Average: B

-Dale Lockwood, District 3 candidate

Environment: A; housing: B+; economy: B; relations: B; transit: B+. Average: B+

-Kelly Ohlson, incumbent District 5 candidate

Environment: A; housing: C; economy: B-; relations: B-; transit: A-. Average: B

-Theodore Gates, District 5 candidate

Environment: B-; housing: A-; economy: C+; relations: B; transit: B-. Average: B-

-Andrew Boucher, District 5 candidate

Environment: C; housing: B+; economy: B+; relations: B+; transit: A-. Average: B+

The students made their decisions based on the candidates’ voting histories, answers to interviews and to a questionnaire sent out by the committee, said Courtney Sullivan, chair of ASCSU’s Community Elections Committee./

The guide is not intended to endorse any candidates, Sullivan said, but is part of an effort by ASCSU to “get out the vote” in this year’s local elections./

“Local issues affect students arguably more than any other issues,” Sullivan said. Politicians are willing to listen to student concerns, but students need to make their voices heard, she said.

The guide can be picked up at the ASCSU office, the Lory Student Center and the Residence Hall front desks.

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