Mar 242009
Authors: Matt Minich

Student and community leaders alike commended President Barack Obama for what they called his honesty and candor in regards to the economic crisis, foreign affairs and the future of research in his press conference Tuesday.

“It’s refreshing to have a confident, articulate and, I feel, very honest president,” said Taylor Smoot, president of the Associated Students of CSU./

Smoot said he was impressed not only with the president’s willingness to keep the public informed but also with the public’s interest in the president’s actions./

“We’re following this guy’s every move,” he said./

Smoot said he agrees with the president that the nation needs to act on addressing issues with healthcare and the environment now to avoid serious consequences down the road.

“The most important investment is the investment in human capital,” Smoot said.

He also said healthcare and the state of the economy were issues that affected students looking to enter the workforce.

John Straayer, a political science professor at CSU, said he agreed with Smoot that the president was open about his new budget and his decisions regarding the economy.

“Obama has been doing an extraordinarily good job,” Straayer said./

He said that he has been watching presidents since Eisenhower and said “Obama is as intellectually strong and agile as any I’ve seen.”

Straayer also said he appreciated the president’s focus on long-term issues such as health care and education./

“I think it’s heartening to see focus on education by this administration,” he said.

State rep. Randy Fischer, D-Fort Collins, said the president’s actions during the current economy were “bold and decisive.”

“He’s doing exactly what we need,” Fischer said.

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