Mar 242009
Authors: Shelley Woll

Running for student body president and vice president, respectively, this April 6 and 7, Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs Daniel Gearhart and Sen. Tim Hole said a strong marketing department is most important in getting students motivated and involved.

“Currently, a lot of committees have open seats and no student involvement,” Gearhart said. “Through the (Associated Students of CSU’s) marketing office, we will bring in a ton of student groups and fill seats on these committees.”

At the present, student government’s Parking Committee has no student representative./

Hole said that with thousands of students on campus, it’s “ridiculous” that seats on several committees are left unfilled.

Their platform has a three-point goal, which targets the environment, money and the university. /

Two of their main goals are to create an office of sustainability and trying to pass a failed bill that would have given student government members on the CSU System Board of Governors voting rights. /

The presidents of student government for the Fort Collins and Pueblo campuses currently serve as ex-oficio members./

They said they also wish to create a textbook exchange, which would allow students to exchange an already purchased textbook for one of the same value at CSU’s bookstore.

Additionally, Hole said the two hope to reform the 3-unrelated, or U+2 ordinance, a Fort Collins law that currently mandates that no more than three unrelated persons can live together.

“I’ve been working on the 3-unrelated law for two years,” Hole said. “We need to be putting constant pressure on City Council so they have to listen to what students are saying so they don’t just pull a fast one on us.”/

“We’re trying to create a culture of activism in which students care,” Hole said. “Every student needs to talk about what bothers them or else we won’t see a change.”/

Gearhart said he and Hole will work together to combine his knowledge of student government with Hole’s internal experience in ASCSU to address student issues. /

“Tim knows where money comes from and what’s going on,” Gearhart said. “I’m a marketing major, so I like getting out and working with student issues.”/

Both have served on ASCSU for two years, but Gearhart said his outside experience as a resident assistant and member of the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation is also important to his campaign./

“Our campaign is not all about ASCSU. There’s a lot of things student government can provide, but it doesn’t encompass everything,” he said. /

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