Ram Talk

Mar 112009

-Thanks for the advice U.S. State Dept., but im spending my money over in Mexico, hoping that the reccession gets fixed after I come back to graduate and look for a job.

-To the gentleman worrying about when to cut off the conversation with the ladies: Don’t worry, bud. Boyfriends are speed bumps, not road blocks.

-To the boy on the engineering floor who I had sex with last weekend: Take out your protractor and learn some new angles.

-Why is it that Andrew Woods is always making sex jokes, but yet he can never draw his characters from the waist down?

-To the guy in my Finance class wearing a CU hat: We don’t take your kind around here.

-Someone should really make it illegal for guys to wear skinny jeans.

-To the person who asked why they pay for the education of athletes; your powers of generalization are amazing. Too bad its not a sport. Maybe then you could be an athlete too.

-To those arguing about daylight saving/s time: I have two calenders; one says saving, and one says savings. Now what?


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