Mar 112009

Adding to the cuts it has already made in its operation and its staff, the Fort Collins Coloradoan announced Wednesday it will shut down its printing plant, instead opting to outsource its production to the Denver Press Association.

While this isn’t expected to slow delivery times, its effects on the 48 employees who will be laid off because of the decision isn’t something to be taken lightly.

As the national recession continues to bear down on us all, the Coloradoan’s struggles give a Fort Collins face to an overwhelming issue, and we again extend our sympathies to those affected.

We can’t predict what the future of journalism looks like, but it appears no print outlet is safe. No matter whether you’re a j-student, a media veteran or a student who’s only holding the Collegian for Ram Talk and Sodoku, we can all relate to the fear present in us all as we prepare to enter the nation’s uncertain and debt-ridden work force.

It’s tough to be a student as academia cuts its budget, tuition rates continue to rise and student loans mount daily. And whether it’s you, your parent or a friend, it’s important to remember how we’re all connected.

Regardless of your thoughts on the media, the Coloradoan is a vital part of local economy and information spreading.

The thought of piling on cuts to an already struggling news source is a scary one — and not just for its staff.

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