Mar 102009
Authors: Brian Anthony

Nearly four months after its proposed implementation, the university will kick-off Google Apps for CSU March 18, switching from its current webmail structure to a Gmail-like system.

The new system, which was slated for deployment over winter break, was postponed because of the lack of transferred accounts, which officials found was the case at other schools.

“We didn’t have the adoption rate we hoped by then. The consensus according to other schools was to do it during the semester while students were here,” said Rusty Scott, the associate director for Academic Computing and Networking Services.

Scott estimated, including recent graduates, there are approximately 21,000 accounts that still need to migrate, but more than 18,000 have “already opted in.”

Although students on the “simla” server will be able to access e-mail until the end of the semester, all other CSU e-mail servers will be transferred over to Google Apps on March 18.

E-mail names will change to or, but people who would like to change their alias from their name can change it on the Electronic ID Web site at

Scott said that some who have already opted in to the transfer have experienced “extremely few problems,” but that these problems are negligible.

He added that students must verify they know about the e-mail change on Registration Ready, which is a checklist of registration requirements, before they can sign up for classes.

Also, ACNS has been working to develop similar server system for CSU alumni through the Alumni Association, said Randy Miotke, the middleware manager for ACNS

“Right now the domain is being launched and prepared,” Miotke said.

“It is the same product and services. The only difference is that there will be ads with the Alumni Association (version).”

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