Mar 102009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

On Monday, the Student Fee Review Board voted to give $15 more per student per semester to the CSU Athletics program. That’s about an extra $800,000. That money will come directly from each and every one of you that will be attending CSU starting next fall.

Athletics Director Paul Kowalczyk was joined by Interim President Tony Frank to present the request to the student board headed by Associated Students of CSU Vice President Quinn Girrens.

They stated that more funding for Athletics must come from students because the university is simply not financially able to give any more to the program at this time.

The Collegian’s editorial board was split on this issue, voting 5-4 to support the student fee increase for athletics. While most of us feel that a better-funded athletics program will ultimately increase the value of a CSU degree, the minority argued that the additional money would be better invested directly into academics.

Studies show that there is no real correlation between the amount of money you pour into your athletics program and the academic quality of your school, the amount of donations received from alumni or an increase in revenue to the university.

Those studies have also found that higher profile athletic programs do positively correspond with an increased applicant pool to a university. Theoretically, an increase in applicants leads to an increase in academic quality because more desirable students will fill university enrollment.

The researchers also concluded based on their studies that the perceived prestige attached to a degree is positively affected by a higher profile athletics program.

Well, we buy it. Let’s support our Rams by not only going to more games but also giving them some more cash as well.

Use it wisely Paul; we’re in the stands watching.

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