Yays and Nays

Mar 082009

Yay | to the opening weekend for the movie “The Watchmen.” The graphic novel was like “300” mixed with some “Sin City” and a little slice of “Americana” — all on steroids.

Nay | to the whack weather last weekend. Colorado, pick a season. Stop being so darn dramatic and bipolar.

Yay | to Spring Break being just a hop, skip and a jump away. But beware, that guy on the beach with the video camera IS from Girls Gone Wild.

Nay | to the long stretch of school that comes after Spring Break has come and went. Remember, however, that school is always a just excuse to succumb to alcoholism.

Yay | to the resignation of suspended CSU Police Chief Dexter Yarbrough. Excuse us Cheify if we don’t sing, “He’s a jolly good fellow .” at your going away party.

Nay | to the lack of answers from the Yarbrough investigation. Where are the juicy details of Yarby’s “reign of terror” and “abuse of power”?

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