Letter to the editor

Mar 082009
Authors: Maria Myotte Senior political science

So I’m a little bamboozled by this “Repeat/Delete” comic strip for a few reasons. I’ll share: First, it’s not funny. Second, it’s not funny. Third, its attempt at humor is always a little off and infuriating.

The writing reflects a depressingly narrow take on gender equality, sexual orientation, and social stereotypes. It’s not smart enough to pass as satire, ever. Check out Friday’s comic contribution – the super charming fellow tells the lady friend that even if he can afford to take both of them out to a steak dinner, she should opt for a salad. That’s it.

The front-page article of the Feb. 26 edition of the Collegian reads “CSU student struggles with eating disorders, body image” and suggests that eating disorders and warped body images are uninvited but common obstacles to folks on campus.

I started paying attention to the comic strip after someone pointed out its lackluster attempt at humor. If you must perpetuate schmuck humor, it needs to be face-meltingly hilarious – and I SO dare you to find that winning combination.

So, maybe some of you think the comic is harmless, but you’re wrong. Language, jokes, words – they shape reality, relationships, morality and social values. If you are not contributing to making the world a better place for everyone, even those that do not look or act like you – take a time-out and start again in a different frame of mind.

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