Mar 042009
Authors: Scott Callahan

Tonight Scott Wisor will discuss the presence and implications of current genocides around the world and discuss how people can take action to prevent future genocides from occurring.

Scott Wisor, a doctoral candidate of philosophy at CU-Boulder, said he has a passion for educating students about current genocides and their history in order to better understand how genocides develop in societies.

“History is the best source of information available to us,” Wisor said.

Wisor is a doctoral candidate of philosophy at CU-Boulder and an advisor to the Sudan Divestment Task Force of the Genocide Intervention Network, for which he previously served as its international co-coordinator.

Wisor first became interested in international genocides in middle school when he heard about Rwanda and dozens of failed attempts by governments to remedy the situation.

Later in his middle school career he joined a student organization in California dedicated to raising awareness of genocides and international conflict. The group evolved into the Sudan Divestment Task Force and the Genocide Intervention Network, both non-governmental organizations.

Wisor strives to inform people on how they can take steps to prevent future genocides and how to support current initiatives in mitigating the affects of current international genocides like those in Darfur, Sudan.

While he said he would divulge possible steps in detail at the event, Wisor said a person’s most powerful tool is their voice.

“The biggest thing is for people to use their voice,” Wisor said, explaining that people need to write letters and support genocide prevention organizations in order to promote change.

Wisor will be speaking at 7 p.m. in the Cherokee Ballroom in the Lory Student Center and the event is free and open to the public.

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