Letter to the editor

Mar 042009

Mr. Lancaster,

I have been reading your opinion articles for the past month, each time with an open mind hoping for something to have changed and each time have been disappointed.

Your opinion pieces have absolutely no relevance to anyone except for yourself. You continue to write opinion articles assuming that other people will care about what you are writing about but in actuality each one is just a rant of the things that you have noticed, liked or disliked.

In your article regarding people taking things less seriously, you told people to “complain less.” But as I look at the past articles you have written concerning stern discipline for children and the types of people you hate at your job it seems like all you are doing is complaining yourself.

Additionally, I feel that each article is only ever about a problem (such as the types of partiers) and the problems with them. You take any situation, generally one that revolves around you and then state how it should be corrected or what should be done to better the situation. Nobody, especially me, wants to hear you rant and rave about these circumstances that only regard you.

Considering all the negative news we already hear, my suggestion to you would be to start writing something positive instead of writing about you and your personal tirades. Maybe then people like others and myself will stop writing negative responses to your articles.

Amanda Tyler


English education

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