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Authors: Shelley Woll

In conjunction with its efforts to “acknowledge artists on campus,” the Associated Students of CSU are introducing a new campaign this week, which will search for a designer for the university’s annual handbook cover.

The contest is similar to the Forever Green contest that ASCSU has conducted for the past six years. That competition allows one student’s design to be featured on student government’s Forever Green t-shirts. Since 2003, the Forever Green logo has also appeared on the cover of the handbook.

But this year, ASCSU wanted to give other artists an additional chance to compete, according to Amanda Lau, ASCSU’s associate director of marketing-handbooks.

The planner is something ASCSU has provided to students for the past 20 years. And unlike the Forever Green shirts and contest, it is completely funded by the local business advertisements instead of student fees.

This year ASCSU will choose two or three winning cover designs to put on the handbook, and each artist will receive a $100 award.

The planner acts as a weekly schedule for students and includes contact information for campus places as well as local businesses such as movie theaters and ski resorts, ASCSU information guide, student rights and responsibilities, parking information and an on-campus map.

The planner reaches 16,000 about students according to ASCSU. About a third of those handbooks are special residence hall versions, which, according to Lau, “contain rules for the dorms, including the CSU student code of conduct and also information and different policies about living in the residence halls.”

The Forever Green contest, whose deadline was Feb. 6, received a total of 86 submissions. The final four designs have been chosen and will be posted on RamWeb during elections so students will be able to vote for the winner. The winner of that design will receive a $250 award, Director of Student Services April Ragland said.

The deadline for the planner’s cover design is Friday, March 27.

ASCSU will select three finalist cover designs, and each artist will receive a $100 award, which is also funded by advertising. The designs will be judged and a winner chosen by a committee made up of five ASCSU members and five students unaffiliated with student government.

The cover design winner will be notified by April 1.

“The handbooks are a really amazing resource for students” said Phil Camillo, director of marketing. “I would love to see as many people apply as possible.”

Camillo said that last year student government received only 30 submissions for the Forever Green t-shirt contest and called this year’s results a “huge improvement.”

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