Mar 022009

To the girl in my accounting class who wears spandex pants every day: Your butt isn’t an asset, it’s a liability.

Girls need to wear signs that say whether they are taken or single. That way I’ll know if I want to talk to them or not.

A man runs over his wife. Whose fault is it? The man, he shouldn’t be driving in the kitchen.

If we really want to control teen pregnancy, instead of the normal sex education, we shall just do what we did in human sexuality last Thursday: watch a baby being born squatting style …

I can do more lines of Collegian.com tetris than a cokehead can, even while I’m at work.

Gas may be expensive, but that’s why God invented KY Wrestling: a cheap alternative that still provides petroleum fueled fun!

You know stuff’s hit the fan when the Collegian starts bashing on Obama.

Why is it we’re building an indoor practice facility? Basketball practices indoors and it doesn’t seem to be helping them …

How many men does it take to give her an orgasm? Not sure — I’m still looking …

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