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Though the Nazi Holocaust took place more than 70 years ago, its effects still plague the world, and hate is an epidemic that continues to run rampant worldwide.

Today and Friday of this week, students will continue what they started Monday and will spend the day in the Lory Student Center reading the names of Holocaust victims. The number of hours dedicated to fulfilling such a task relates the enormity of the monstrosity’s consequences.

Holocaust awareness events on campus span the entire week, and attending should be a show of remembrance for the lives lost and the families affected but also a display of how the respect and honor we’re paying will help prevent and solve future instances of violence and intolerance this world over.

Abuses of power, conflicts rooted in differing ideologies and misunderstanding haven’t disappeared, and as we spend the week remembering those 11 million who lost their lives in the Holocaust, we must also keep in mind those who continue to suffer today for many of the same reasons.

Disputes in the Gaza region are ongoing, and, to date, the Darfur genocide has killed more than 400,000 civilians and displaced 2.5 million more.

When we don’t proactively work to right acts of civil disunity and when we fail to recognize how the world’s problems are reflective of collective communication failures, we lend aid to their continuation and we open the door to the possibility they’ll expand.

As we remember the events we can no longer fix ourselves, it’s pertinent we remember the people who can still be helped.

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