Yays and Nays

Mar 012009

NAY | to the end of The Rocky Mountain News. We shed a tear for our fallen journalistic brethren.

Yay | to spring break being just two weeks away. There couldn’t be any better way to spend all your textbook money than on a rundown Cancun motel and several dozen cases of Corona.

Nay | to the NASA-built CSU research satellite that crashed into Pacific Ocean early last week. At least this time they made calculations in both metric and standard measurements.

Nay | to the Broncos trying to trade away quarterback Jay Cutler. What the heck were they thinking? Don’t they know he grew up in Santa Claus, Ind.?

Yay | to the Denver Post hiring stranded Rocky journalists. At least they are trying to cauterize the wound.

Nay | to CSU men’s basketball losing in double overtime. But hey, coming close to winning is a moral victory for all Ram athletics.

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