Feb 252009
Authors: Elyse Jarvis

The CSU System Board of Governors finalized its decision to split the roles of chancellor and CSU-Fort Collins president at its monthly meeting Wednesday, additionally establishing a search committee and a job description for its future chancellor.

Doug Jones, the chair of the BOG, will present the committee, which is made up of local business associates, CSU alumni and BOG members, with the timeline in which it is to complete its national search on March 6.

The future chancellor will act as the chief executive officer of the CSU System — which includes CSU-Fort Collins, CSU-Pueblo and CSU Global — and will oversee the presidents of both the Fort Collins and Pueblo campuses.

Since its conception, CSU Global has been under the direct discretion of the system chancellor. Stephen Portch, paid consultant to the BOG and former chancellor of the University System of Georgia, recommended that the board revisit this structure, as it may present conflicts of interest in funding. The board has not commented as to whether it will consider hiring a separate president for the online campus.

In seeking system stakeholders’ input this month, the board heard concerns from faculty who maintained that a future chancellor must have experience rooted in academia, while students such as Quinn Girrens, vice president of the Associated Students of CSU, suggested someone with strong ties to state legislature would fit best.

Michele McKinney, the head spokesperson for the BOG, said the board will not give preferential treatment to a candidate based on whether his or her experience lies in academics, politics or business.

The chancellor, she said, is to act as the system’s chief lobbyist, primarily responsible for securing resources for the system, and the board will seek someone with the ability to be “a good diplomat.”

“There are two (political) parties, and we have to work with both sides,” she said.

At its stakeholders forum this month, many faculty voiced apprehension over the fact that the chancellor will be in a position of authority over the system’s presidents, insisting that, because campus presidents maintain backgrounds in academia, their overseeing chancellor must do the same.

Political science professor John Straayer said he is “uneasy” with the BOG’s decision to hire a chancellor, as it will require the system to spend additional money on more administration in times of economic recession.

“Right now, (the system is) functioning without a chancellor but with an interim president with excellent academic values, and we’re doing just fine,” he said.

“(CSU) is, first and foremost, an academic institution, and its future rests in someone whose academic values supercede any political considerations.”

Taylor Smoot, president of ASCSU, attended the BOG meeting Wednesday and said that while students were not adequately represented in the board’s original description of its desired chancellor, the final draft ensured that the future chancellor would be someone who could “command the respect of students.”

As the board moves forward in its search for a chancellor, it will save almost $100,000 by eliminating a search firm to help conduct the process and, additionally, members of its search committee have been hired on volunteer basis.

The BOG has not yet announced when a presidential search will begin.

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Search committee chairs:

Diane Evans

Former member of the BOG, who also co-chaired the CSU-Pueblo presidential search that selected Joseph Garcia; Vice President, Land Title Guarantee Company.

Dick Robinson (’51)

Former chair and member of the BOG and chair, CSU alumnus and donor, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Robinson Diary, LLC

Marguerite Salazar

Current member of the BOG; President and Chief Executive Officer of Valley-Wide health Systems, Inc.

Committee members:

Mario Carrera

General Manager of Entravision Communications Corporation

Donald Elliman, Jr.

Director, Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade; former Executive Vice President of Time Inc.; Publisher of People magazine; President and Publisher of Sports Illustrated; former President of Kroenke Sports Enterprises; past Chairman of the Board of Children’s Hospital in Denver.

Thomas Farley

Current member of the BOG and former board chair; attorney and senior partner at Peterson & Fonda law firm.

Patrick Grant

Current member of the BOG; President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Western Stock Show.

Ed Haselden

Current member of the BOG; President and Chief Executive Officer of Haselden Construction.

John Ikard (’79)

Alumnus of Colorado State University in Fort Collins; President and Chief Executive Officer of Firstbank Holding Company; former President of the Denver Metro Chamber.

Jane Norton (’76)

Alumna of Colorado State University in Fort Collins; former Lieutenant Governor.

Patrick McConathy

Current member of the BOG; Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Oil and Gas.

Tim Schultz (’88)

Alumnus of Colorado State University in Fort Collins; President of The Boettcher Foundation; former Commissioner of Department of Agriculture.

Rob Slyhoff

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce.

Penefield Tate (’78)

Alumnus of Colorado State University in Fort Collins; CSU donor and supporter of CSU athletics.

Dave Wood

President and Chairman of the board of the Griffin Foundation; legal counsel to Colorado State University Real Estate Foundation and the Colorado State University Foundation.

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