Ram Talk

Feb 252009

-My horoscope on Monday said: “Love looks promising and, with a little ingenuity, you can end up in a very nice position with someone you adore.” I’m just wondering what positions this guy is going to put me in… Should I start stretching?

-Does anyone else, after failing on a sudoku, fill in the numbers anyway just in case someone else is watching?

-To the owner of the bike I locked mine to, sorry, I’m not a moron, just a wake’n’baker.

-Does anyone know the bus route I can take from the Towers to the Rec Center?

-Dear Car: If you lock my keys inside you again, I’m trading you for a pogo stick

-Sign that you know you’re in college #98: You shower with your roommate to make the water bill cost less

-After having three major tests in one day, my strokes started having aneurisms.

-In defense of the girl with the $78 bra: Status symbols in the form of material goods are always more precious to those who have no real dignity.

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