Feb 252009
Authors: Kate Bennis

By Kate Bennis

The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Situated in a corner of the Art Department building, the Hatton Gallery is featuring the CSU Faculty Art Show until Feb. 28. The show displays the work of more than 20 CSU professors, giving students a chance to critique their professor’s work, which ranges from painting to electronic media.

“We wanted to have students get excited about the art their faculty is doing and research on their own,” said Amber Drake, a metal-smithing graduate student.

Drake, along with students Lindsay Phillips, a metal-smithing grad student, and Christina Sakis, a senior metal-smithing student, coordinated the art show, contacting faculty members and building pedestals for the work.

One of the goals of the show was to have students build a better understanding of the work put into a gallery opening, Phillips said. While preparation for the show involved six-hour shifts, three days a week, Phillips said that the experience was worthwhile.

“By seeing that your professors are accomplished and showing their work off gives you inspiration to complete your own work,” Phillips said.

Kim Ferrer, an art instructor whose work is on display, believes that the opportunity for students to see the faculty’s art demonstrates the faculty’s ability to talk from experience rather than textbooks.

“I know that when I was a student, by being able to see the work of my instructors, I got this feeling of kindred spirit,” she said. “It gives you more of a connection of who they are and what’s important to them, and that the faculty is involved in the process of art making.”

The show has been inspiring for art students as well, said Miriam Pakbaz, a second-year senior with a concentration in drawing.

“I think that some students might respect their professors more because we don’t usually see them as artists,” Pakbaz said. “They have outside lives to us now that their work is in the gallery.”

/Drake hopes that the enthusiastic response from students and community members will spark more faculty shows in the future.

/”Students are coming into the gallery with sketchbooks, writing down names and characteristics of the work they’re interested in,” she said. “I’m hoping this will spark excitement because there is such a good response from students and community members.”

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