Feb 232009

Monday signaled the start of the search for a new face of student government, new eyes and ears of the student body and a new voice for students’ rights as recruitment for positions across the board from the executive to the legislature.

Established in 1907 to represent the interests of the students of CSU, the Associated Students of CSU was charged with advocating for student rights, fairly and appropriately allocating students’ money in the form of student fees and is responsible, ultimately, for organizing programs to positively benefit students.

And while those in ASCSU ultimately do not control final university decisions or policy-making, they are in positions of recommendation and set in place to bring the recommendations of students to the table.

We need leaders who will storm the Capitol to protest tuition hikes and support legislation to cut textbook costs. We need leaders to educate and register students to vote and find their voice in local and national elections. And we need leaders with transparency and a moral compass that points due North.

As ASCSU is accepting applications for fall 2009, we are encouraging those with a vision and a passion for the university to go down to the ASCSU office and fill out that form.

Currently, no one has submitted an application, and because they are due by March 13th, we say this CSU: Take a look at your current student government and decide what it is that you support and what you oppose. If there is even one thing, either way, take the initiative and commit your name and your work to our university.

CSU, you are the new face of ASCSU. Go out, apply and represent.

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