Yays and Nays

Feb 222009

Yay | to CSU athletes for going on to the next level. Just don’t forget where you came from when you get rich and famous.

Nay | to the A.D.D. weather. Nature, we appreciate your job is boring, but is a little weekend consistency too much to ask?

Yay | to Girl Scout cookies. Sure, they may come in smaller quantities and may cost more than in previous years, but you can’t put too high a price on delicious.

Nay | to the Associated Students of CSU for failing a resolution to endorse Interim President Tony Frank for the permanent gig. How can you say no to a goatee that fantastic?

Yay | to the approaching spring break. Would it be possible to start it today and have it last until graduation?

Nay | to approaching pre-break exams. Please refer to the previous Yay.

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