Feb 222009

Instead of wasting our tuition money on stuff like sculptures or playgrounds, how about they put in something REALLY practical, like real math classes and not PACe?

To the person trying to light up on the plaza on Friday in 50 mph winds … sometimes it’s just not worth it.

You know you have an early class when you’re up before your morning wood.

To the guy who stole my $78 Victoria’s Secret bra: I know that one night stands come at a cost, but that night was NOT worth it.

Facebook chat: For when walking into your roommate’s room next door to ask him a question sounds way too difficult.

To the kids who ride the bus from the transit center to the towers: You are lazy.

To the person who wants to spend our student fees on playgrounds: It’s not our fault you had an unplanned child.

Ramride should have a partner group called Fort Collins party finder.

To the girl in class putting on makeup: Guys age like wine and women age like milk … it’s only going to get worse chica.

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