Letter to the editor

Feb 222009

It’s time to clean up the Collegian’s act. For far too long has this paper been an embarrassment and detriment to the CSU community.

To clarify, let me point out a few issues with the Collegian’s content: The Opinion page openly ridicules those with views different than that of the Collegian’s, spewing backward ethics without so much as a scrutinizing glance at its own reasoning.

The “Our View” column is the main source of this spreading cancer, as it is completely unnecessary and unprofessional. The opinion page should be a stand for local individuals to discuss topics, not a platform for those with moderate power to propagate their liberal idealism. We already know your view and are tired of it. Remove the column.

Second, one of the worst journalists in history, derided for his efforts to “promote discussion” but hardly punished for his actions, continues to be given a platform. His name is J. David McSwane, the infantile opinion writer whose only stake to claim is his usage of a single inflammatory word in Fall 2007 that did nothing save tarnish the image of the university.

The odor still lingers, my friends. It is time to light a match and rid ourselves of the putrid stench that flows from McSwane’s “writing.”

Take a stand, Collegian editorial board. Make the steps necessary to make the community proud. We have faith in you, Collegian, now it’s time to prove you have the ability to represent us accurately.

Josh Phillips

Senior, Computer information systems

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