Letter to the editor

Feb 182009

To the Editor:

The front page article “CSU Skeptical of Stimulus Plan” from Feb. 18 is inaccurate and misleading.

The only member of the CSU community cited in the article is “professor Jessie Gastelle.” Gastelle is a graduate student, not a professor. He does not speak for the economics department, let alone all of CSU. The claim in the headline is baseless and, frankly, ridiculous.

Gastelle said he believes that we should cut government spending in response to the recession. He is entitled to his opinion, but most economists would argue that government spending should be increased to offset the decline in consumption and investment.

The economic slowdown is global, and the interdependence of national economies could magnify its effects into a worldwide collapse. The most recent winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, Paul Krugman, believes that the stimulus plan is too small relative to the magnitude of the problems it is meant to solve. I and many other members of the CSU faculty agree with him.

CSU is not skeptical of the stimulus plan. Your paper has done a disservice to my department and to the community at large by making this false claim.

Steven Shulman

Professor & Chair Department

of Economics

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