Feb 172009
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

Sign you’re in college No. 11: You quit going to Google to read information and instead you go to YouTube to watch it.

To the dude talking to himself in the bathroom stall: I’m assuming your third personality doesn’t have a doctorate in psychiatry but I’m still glad you’re trying to find help.

CSU: You have all my money already, you can tell Parking Services to stop writing me parking tickets now.

Does anyone else find it ironic that the day after Athletics asks for an increase in tuition,they get red-flagged by auditors?

Why is it that CSU recognizes Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday as a holiday but not President’s Day? I don’t think MLK could have had the same influence without the help of a few presidents.

Note to all the ladies: Drinking beer can increase your cup size, but on the other hand if the guy is drinking beer then sooner or later it’s not going to matter what you look like.

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