Feb 162009

Looks like Denver’s finally made it onto the political map.

Later today, President Barack Obama will make his first trip to the Rocky Mountains since a series of stops in Colorado during his presidential campaign, including one right here at CSU.

Today’s stop, however, is a bit more significant than his earlier visits, save for maybe his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Following a tour of Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science’s new solar panel set up, Obama will be signing the hotly contested $787 billion economic stimulus bill into law.

And really, he couldn’t ask for a more appropriate venue.

The West, recently a stronghold for Republicans, has now turned blue and was a rallying ground for Obama’s campaign, especially Colorado.

In addition, the bill — which includes provisions for middle class tax cuts, an increased social safety net and a new focus on green energy job — even has something in common with the American West.

As the largest single spending measure in U.S. history, the stimulus marks something of a new frontier in American politics. Certainly the opportunity for symbolism was not something missed by our new president.

Of course, like the American expansion westward, there is a great degree of uncertainty that comes along with this bill.

We’re moving into uncharted territory here. We don’t know if this stimulus will be our ticket out of the economic doghouse or the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

There’s not stopping this wagon now. Hopefully, for the sake of the nation, this measure will put the economy back on track.

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