Feb 152009
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

To the Plaza: Really? In one walk I was asked to take a minute for children, to care about the environment, to save the polar bears, to go to a comedy show and to win free stuff. Come on now. A little ridiculous.

To the girl with the battery-powered Valentine’s date: He may not talk back, but I don’t want to talk at all.

I want to thank my roommate’s ex for deleting me as a friend on Facebook; I was getting tired of the pathetic status updates.

To all the students that wear Hollister: It’s not the OC, it’s CO.

Do they let ANYONE work at the Collegian?

Avoiding Greenpeace volunteers on the Plaza is like the most intense game of Frogger ever.

To the girl I met at a party last weekend that somehow got my number and is now trying to stalk me on Facebook and MySpace: I’m just NOT that into you.

With the excitement of Obama’s presidency and the scare of a failing global economy, I almost forgot that we are still dropping bombs in Iraq.

Is it just me or has the RamRide waiting time cock-blocked any one else?

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