Letter to the editor

Feb 152009
Authors: Eric Herth senior geosciences major

I was appalled by Alex Stephen’s column last Friday. He blasts churches for “hating” homosexuals and thinks they should be taxed.

I was overwhelmed with his hatred toward churches throughout his column. How can he, as a secularist, have so much hate for an organization when he preaches tolerance for all people, from all people? Is he exempt from his own belief?

To clarify his misunderstanding of Christian Churches, they don’t “hate” homosexuals because they are homosexuals. Churches hate sin, not the sinner. After all, we are all sinners.

The media lies and spins the truth along with other pro-gay activists by telling the world that Christians “hate” homosexuals. This marginalization of those who think “differently” from them (the media) is part of their political agenda. If you honestly believe that churches “hate” homosexuals then you have bought their agenda.

Go to a church and talk to its members. You’ll be surprised what you actually find out.

My last point is on his speech on separation of church and state. He states, “What happened to the separation of church and state?”

Well, the fact that churches don’t pay taxes is separation of church and state. It seems to me that taxing them and dictating to churches what to believe and act as Alex suggests is actually not separation of church and state. I thought a political science major would have at least seen that. Oh well.

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