Feb 122009

Thursday was a big event day for gay rights advocates.

Across the nation, thousands of same-sex couples turned up at courthouses and marriage license counters to protest for the right to marry. And every single one walked away empty handed.

Thankfully, actually slipping one couple through the cracks wasn’t really the point.

The protest is held as part of the 12th annual “Freedom to Marry Week,” to let the powers that be know that the gay rights movement is still around, and, despite a series of setbacks, it isn’t going anywhere.

This year, the event was particularly significant to the gay community following November’s election and the passage of Proposition 8 in California, a particularly striking blow for a community that saw the state — or at least parts of it — as a safe haven.

For Colorado residents, however, this isn’t the only opportunity to stick up for gay rights.

Today, CU-Boulder students will be hosting the “Make Out Stake-Out,” an event in which couples, both gay and straight, are invited to come out to the University Memorial Center and, in “flash mob” fashion, start making out at 11:53 for a full two minutes.

The goal of the event is to eliminate the stigma surrounding same-sex public affection, which is a good first step.

If folks can learn to tolerate PDAs from their neighbors of all sexual orientations, they can learn to tolerate the people themselves.

The folks in Boulder have the right idea. We wish them the best of luck.

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