Ram Talk

Feb 112009

To the undeclared man, if that’s all you’ve got, you really shouldn’t look into a business major. You can’t sell yourself at all.

It’s always disturbing to find out that your birthday is in november … exactly 9 months after valentines day

Maybe if I go to the library an hour in advance to turn on my checked out laptop, it will be loaded in time for me to get something done.

To the guy trying to long board against the wind: Do you try to ski uphill too?

I am writing in to clear up a common misconception about dreadlocks. Dreadlocks themselves do not smell, but since they are commonly attached to people who refuse to bathe regularly(a.k.a hippies), they have gained this poor reputation. I say, in order to change their image, President Obama should grow some. All in favor of dreads’ on the Prez’, say aye.

To the meter maid that watched me and my girlfriend do it and still gave us a ticket … Wasn’t the free show enough!?

I hate Obama and his cabinet even more now. Cause my girlfriend is real excited about recieving a stimulus package.

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