Feb 102009

To the girls sitting behind me in Oceanography, VD does not stand for Vin Diesel. It’s an abbreviation for venereal disease.

To my teacher who says some things are “similarly different,” forget the oxy, you’re just a moron.

To all the girls complaining about being alone on Valentine’s day, do you think it was just a coincidence that Durex put an ad in the Collegian for their vibration play ring?! I think not.

Is it just coincidence when I was texting the word “sorority” the word “porn” came up and I forgot which one I was texting about?

How to empty the RamSkeller of its normally large number of patrons: Invite two gentlemen to “sing” obscenities on stage for 30 min.

Let’s be honest ladies, you really want an undeclared man.

Obama’s unwritten movie wins the Oscar because he’s going up against George Bush’s film entitled, “I F**ked Over the American People for Eight Years.” Not really any competition there.

Ladies, dimples are only cute when they are on your face.

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