Feb 102009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

After Larry Penley resigned his dual role as chancellor and president of CSU in November, the CSU System Board of Governors decided in a stakeholder meeting on Tuesday that they want a chancellor who is well versed in government relations and legislative policy.

Some CSU faculty and student government leaders, however, do not see eye-to-eye with the BOG and would prefer a chancellor whose knowledge and interests center almost entirely on academics.

Because the president will report to the chancellor, we think it’s imperative the chancellor’s interests must align with those interests of the future CSU-Fort Collins and the current Pueblo presidents’ — whose responsibility it is to maintain and improve CSU’s quality of education.

Additionally, because the chancellor would wear several of the hats formerly worn by the president — which include the CSU fundraiser and money hunter in times of increasing college-funding woes — we say he or she must possess an equal knowledge of academics, business and politics in order to best serve the university.

We expect our chancellor to have the political gall to advocate for the students of CSU, to push politicians at the Capitol to write legislation to allocate money to higher education and to protect student rights across the board.

Currently, the BOG said specific qualifications for the position are not nailed down and are waiting to hear what CSU stakeholders have to say before doing so.

So here’s our suggestion for the future chancellor: Give us a person who will advocate first and foremost for students and academics, who is a skilled lobbyist and policy-maker and who knows how to squeeze the market for the dollars we so desperately need.

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