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Despite a faltering economy, which has left many Colorado companies floundering, the CSU Career Center brought together more than 100 prospective employers and throngs of CSU students Tuesday in the Lory Student Center’s Main Ballroom.

Students and recruiters alike, dressed in professional wear, exchanged resumes, information and techniques to survive the industry which students will be soon entering.

Mark Martin-Williams, a CSU alumnus and vice president and branch manager for the Fruita Branch of Alpine Bank, said students can separate themselves from others by being active community members.

“The main way (to get noticed) is to get involved in extracurricular activities by volunteering, helping with non-profit organizations and establishing interpersonal abilities that can’t be taught through textbooks and class,” Martin-Williams said. “It shows extra incentive and proves you’re less self-serving.” And some recruiters said there is plenty of opportunity despite the recession.

Debra Randon, Equal Employment Opportunity administrative assistant for the Internal Revenue Service, said she was surprised about the number of job openings in the organization.

She said students should come to career fairs early in their student careers because it gives them a better chance of being noticed early on.

“The earlier you come to us the better,” Randon said. “We can direct you to the type of degree you’ll need for the job you’re looking for.”

Radon said her organization looks for “professional, courteous and ambitious students.”

Amanda Ahern, a CSU alumna and a recruiter for Lockheed Martin said the company highly covets communication and leadership skills in prospective employees.

“We look for a person who is well-rounded and shows good leadership skills,” Ahern said. “A good interview, good communication skills and a person who stands out on their resume will better seal the deal.”

Adriana Lopez, a senior technical journalism major and former Collegian photographer, said she enjoyed the fair, but improvements could be made.

“I think the Career Fair is a good idea, but I wish that there were more employers that could come,” said Lopez. “It’s very selective in majors and career direction.”

For more information on career and internship opportunities, visit the Career Center’s Web site at http://www.career.colostate.edu.

Staff writer Justyna Tomtas can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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