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Authors: Shelley Woll

Similar to the former national election voter coalition VoteCSU!, student government created the Community Affairs Committee in order to register voters and educate community members about the candidates in the April 7 city elections.

The Committee was created by the Department of Community Affairs in the Associated Students of CSU last December with an intent to increase voter registration and levels of voter education.

“What better way to get more people invested and caring about local issues than to have them actually work and get passionate about it themselves?” asked Community Affairs Director Katie Freudenthal.

The CEC is composed of 17 members, six non-voting ASCSU members and 11 students at large.

In the upcoming city election, the CEC will be doing a number of things to educate voters, which include but are not limited to:

The creation of a student voice survey

One-on-one interviews with the candidates that will demonstrate where they stand on current issues.

ASCSU Cabinet member Lindsey McKee, who serves on the committee as a non-voting member, announced that the CEC is tentatively sending out the electronic student voice survey today.

“We created a survey through the Student Voice regarding different aspects of what is important to students,” McKee said. “The survey will reach somewhere around 5,000 undergrad and graduate students and that’s how were going to generate a general consensus of what students care about in the city.”

Some of the city election ballot items will include:

Glade reservoir and other environmental issues


Affordable housing in the community

and those concerning job security in the current economical crisis.

The committee, headed by Elected chair Courtney Sullivan, is divided into six subcommittees — the Leadership Subcommittee, the Assessment Subcommittee, the Research and Relations Subcommittee, the Marketing Subcommittee, the Grassroots Subcommittee and the Partnership Subcommittee — to make CEC issue coverage more diverse. All subcommittee actions are voted on by the CEC as a whole during the weekly CEC meetings.

The CEC members said they aim to increase campus-wide election awareness and voter registration from now until the election.

“What we’re trying to do, is build validity throughout the community,” Sullivan said. “We’re hoping we’re going to be able to do that for students by analyzing the candidates’ stances in an objective way.”

ASCSU Beat Reporter Shelley Woll can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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