Yays and Nays

Feb 012009

Yay | to the Pittsburgh Steelers for winning the Super Bowl. So, when do we get our tickets to Disneyworld?

Nay | to after Super Bowl hangovers. Isn’t it punishment enough that we don’t have football to procrastinate Sundays with, let alone a hangover in our 8 a.m. class.

Yay | to the bill to put CSU’s student government president on the Board of Governors as a voting member reaching the Colorado House of Representatives, which could finally give a little more purpose to the position.

Nay | to current CSU Volleyball Coach Tom Hilbert possibly filling the vacancy at CU. If you’re going to leave, it should be on our terms — when you’re washed up and we fire you.

Yay | to starting off Recyclemania. It’s less violent than Wrestlemania, AND we’re helping the environment.

Nay | to a chicken wing shortage. Now we’ll have to turn to buffalo for wings — isn’t that right, Jessica Simpson?

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