Jan 292009

I didn’t know the comic Repeat/Delete’s name was literal seriously, the same strip two days in a row? Next time delete it and save me some time.

Ladies, forget the engineers and go for a construction major. After all. we can build you a log cabin. somewhere in Aspen.

With my 300 level JTC class jam packed with sorority girls, it suddenly doesn’t surprise me that American journalism is a dying industry.

Does anyone else want to see this semi-feud between the top two and the bottom two comics turn into full blown WAR!? I Do!

To the kid in my class who thought Chicago was next to Seattle…I’m insulted that we got into the same university. Glad to see we set our standards high.

I was going to refund my books but apparently I missed the deadline… by a year. Thanks CSU Bookstore for making sure I knew the deadline was in 2008!

CSU experts will discover the only reason why college kids go to school in the mountains is because they can get drunk faster

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