Jan 282009

CSU students, we encourage you to follow student government rep. Dan Palmer’s example — except for, of course, the part that includes his not running for City Council.

Palmer, student government’s director of education, has been a leader at this campus and a significant influence in his ability to empower young people to take advantage of the opportunities accessible to them. As of November of last year, those prospects include the ability to run for state house and senate at the age of 21.

While Palmer, due to his feelings of inexperience, has recently announced he most likely will not run for City Council as he previously planned, there’s nothing more we’d like to see than another young person take up the torch for CSU students.

By passing Referendum L last year, Colorado proved its faith in the capacity of young people to complete tasks reserved for its most exceptional leaders, charged with representing Fort Collins as a whole.

There are so many unresolved and unacceptable issues still left to be taken care of in this city — the U+2 ordinance is just one of them — and the youth voice is one that’s vital to making sure we are duly represented.

Palmer is one of many inspirational student leaders in this city, and we can’t wait to see who steps up to take his place in running for City Council this year. Make us proud, CSU. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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