Jan 212009

If you haven’t yet made the inevitable trek down to the CSU bookstore to drop several hundred dollars on the semester’s necessary texts, you will find when you reach the register that there are no more bags. Plastic bags, that is.

As a way of helping students share in the university’s green vision and to cut down on the amount of waste it generates, the bookstore no longer provides plastic bags but offers students the option to buy reusable bags for one dollar.

Yes, we know it can be a hassle to bring your own backpack or plastic bag on the shopping trip, but the way we see it —-is it’s one dollar to buy into a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

Critics may look at this change and say it’s just another way for the university to further pick the already-shallow pockets of poor college students. This is a relevant point.

More importantly, however, is the point that it’s one dollar; one McDouble burger from the Dollar Menu that you can’t buy because you’re buying into the choice to save the planet’s dwindling resources. It’s the choice to go green in one small step.

The way we see it, we all need to start making choices everyday to recycle, to walk more and drive less and to practice being the green inhabitants of the earth our university thinks we can be.

Be green CSU, and perhaps the rest of the world will follow.

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