Jan 192009

One month after he was placed on administrative leave, a portrait of embattled CSU Police Chief Dexter Yarbrough has emerged, even as answers from CSU on his sudden suspension remain elusive.

Several sources have come forward alleging improprieties including the falsification of police documents, mandating special treatment for student athletes and advocating the use of illegal police tactics — including the payment of seized drugs to informants.

As unsettling as these allegations are, perhaps as troubling has been the response by CSU to complaints made by students and staff against Yarbrough.

On several occasions, CSU’s Office of Equal Opportunity received complaints, but no significant action was ever taken. To the contrary, rather than being disciplined, he was promoted from police chief to Vice President of Public Safety and given a $156,000-a-year salary, the highest of any law enforcement officer in the state.

CSU, however, was not alone in ignoring allegations against the chief.

Following a complaint made by a CSUPD officer that Yarbrough had a police report doctored to list damage consistent with a collision with a curb or rock as resulting from a hit and run, the DA’s office opted not to investigate.

And now, following this string of accusations, CSU finds itself investigating new allegations and has requested the aid of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Given the nature of previous complaints, we can’t help but wonder how serious the allegations that finally have prompted CSU to take action, and why it took so long in the first place.

CSU deserves answers. We’re waiting.

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