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Authors: Stephen Lin

In an effort to improve housing conditions, this month the Fort Collins City Council approved over $750,000 for a variety of affordable housing projects, to be divided into four parts.

First-time homebuyers will be able to access $250,000 set aside for the down payment assistance program. Another $250,000 was donated to CARE Housing, a non-profit organization whose mission is to “advocate for and provide affordable housing to low income working families.”

The Neighbor to Neighbor and the Fort Collins Housing Corporation will receive $150,000. Both of these programs focus on affordable housing and will use the money to make safety and maintenance upgrades to their properties.

The Larimer Home Improvement Program received $100,000. The program, run by the Housing Authority of the City of Loveland, provides loans to families needing home repairs.

According to their Web site, the City of Fort Collins provides funds for “public services, community development activities and affordable housing projects” through a competitive process. This competitive process is only open to programs that assist people through affordable housing projects or housing development.

Ken Waido, city planner of Fort Collins, said he was pleased with these programs.

“The most gratifying aspect,” he said, “is seeing the citizens of Fort Collins have the opportunity to better themselves and their living environments and contribute to society.”

“The entire community benefits from these programs,” he said.

The properties that these groups own all work with the mission of helping people around the city of Fort Collins afford their homes.

The Affordable Housing program falls under the Advance Planning division of the Planning, Development and Transportation Department. Advance Planning is also responsible for Historic Preservation, Demographics, CDBG program and Long Range Planning.

The next funding cycle in the spring will be open to public services, community development and affordable housing projects. The application will be available on January 19 and due February 19.

The programs are first chosen by the Affordable Housing Board and then the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Commission interviews applicants. The Commission gives their recommendation to the City Council which then conducts a public hearing to make the final decision.

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