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CSU’s College of Business and The Graduate School, USDA, which is a non-appropriated fund government entity created to provide adult continuing education, has partnered to present the business program’s distance MBA curriculum to graduate students within the USDA program.

Susan Meyer, director of the Professional and Distant MBA program at CSU, said Ajay Menon, dean of the College of Business, and Peter Dorhout, vice provost of Graduate Programs, approved the partnership as representatives of CSU.

According to Meyer, distance learning has become popular throughout the decades, and the College of Business has the oldest distance program in that nation and has participated in distance education since 1967. The Distance MBA Program has served students in all 50 states, nearly all the Canadian provinces and in over 40 countries around the world. Currently, there are over 800 students studying for their MBA.

Because of the college’s previous experience and prior knowledge in distance education, it will be organizing the technology used to deliver course content via mixed-media technology and video streaming.

“What we offer is technology for today’s and tomorrow’s generation, anytime and anywhere,” said Jerry Ice, chief executive officer of the Graduate School, USDA.

The Graduate College, USDA is currently using online technologies to deliver content but is eager to be able to expand their expertise.

“The primary instructors for (the Graduate School, USDA) are quite excited about this adventure,” Meyer said.

The MBA will permit CSU to serve the federal government as a vertical market, she said.

“We are currently addressing federal, state and local government’s concerns for the future regarding hiring and retention of Generation Y applicants,” Ice said. “Our online education programs set the benchmark for live and self-paced training.”

The classroom dynamic is captured on video including the full lecture, power points, Smart Board slides, student questions, discussions, presentations and speakers.

“The beauty of this program is that the on-campus professional MBA program is held in Rockwell Hall four nights per week.recorded to DVD, duplicated and mailed out to the College of Business the very next morning to the hundreds of students enrolled in the particular class,” Meyer said. “Students see and hear first-hand the same learning environment that students in class do.”

This partnership is what the College of Business has been looking for to influence their MBA program in the public eye, Meyer said, as when he was appointed dean, Menon said he hoped to build on its progress and strengths to learn from the business community, alumni and friends.

Classes for the Federal Financial Management Certificate will begin on March 1.

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