Dec 142008
Authors: Brian Anthony

With finals on the way and break just around the corner, students are looking to ensure travel arrangements for the month-long break.

Several alternative methods of transportation, like carpooling or other forms in which costs can be split, will allow options for students trying to travel home.

Despite these options though, some on-campus services have had some setbacks in helping students.

Jeannie Ortego, the director of Off-Campus Student Services, said less students will be utilizing their carpooling program this year because bulletin boards in which students post rides have moved to their office on the main level in the Lory Student Center.

The boards, which used to be outside of the E-cave in the LSC basement, were displaced due to construction.

Ortega said, “Without the board students don’t really know where to go to advertise.”

The construction, however, has not hampered the spirit of the office, which will launch a new Web feature pairing students for carpooling.

The new program, RideShare, will be free and running sometime next semester.

Students will access the system by inputting their CSUID and password, allowing them to post offers and requests for rides.

“We’re really excited to be able to launch it,” Ortega said.

Ortega said that although the old system “was less effective as years went by. It certainly served its purpose.”

“Once the Internet became more accessible to students, we wanted to develop something that was more unique to students,” she said.

Another resource students utilized was the student-government-sponsored voucher program for Shamrock Shuttle.

Associated Students of CSU handed out vouchers for the shuttle service to students until this year; it stopped distributing because students were not taking advantage of the system.

ASCSU President Taylor Smoot said the program was cut because student government paid for $15 and $20 vouchers, amounting to $6,000 total, and Shamrock did not offer a discount.

Smoot said, “If Shamrock was going to give us a discount, we would’ve continued (the program). We were just subsidizing Shamrock.”

“There were also a limited number of coupons. We would always run out and students would come in pissed off all the time.”

Smoot said he would be instituting a carpool program that will help students get to Denver.

“More students are from Colorado. More people go to Denver,” he said. “So if we were going to do some type of shuttle service, we wanted it to serve more people.”

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