Dec 142008
Authors: Madeline Novey

Hired during a time when news, music and TV are available on blogs and Blackberries and more people than ever are logging on to the Internet to get their media fix, four student leaders are challenged with bringing media for CSU students into the evolving future of journalism.

Throughout the last two weeks, Larry Steward, president of the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation announced the three newly hired leaders-elect of KCSU-FM radio, CTV and the Collegian.

The future editor-in-chief of College Avenue magazine will be chosen early in the spring 2009 semester.

Steward said that each individual’s passion for their work, plan to push for new Web content and desire to increase collaboration between all departments makes Student Media well prepared to face the challenges that lay ahead.

“We’re going to try new things, be innovative and creative,” Steward said. “This is going to be a thoughtful but nimble movement to Web-based media.”

CTV station manager-elect Mary Timby, a junior journalism and technical communication major with a concentration in broadcast journalism, said increased collaboration between and contributions from all departments within Student Media is the answer to the question of how to produce the highest quality and multi-faceted product.

“I think that in this changing media world, in this world in which journalism is changing and the internet is changing, when we share info and when we share quality, accredited information, that’s when we send our voice to the community,” she said.

RMSMC professionals said they agreed with the three future leaders’ hiring and said they were excited to see the movement toward elevated partnership.

“The relationship between Student Media is always better when we work as a team and there is communication through the departments,” said Kim Blumhardt, advertising manager of RMSMC.

Timby said she wants to redesign CTV’s Web site to be more interactive and have a greater number of stories posted by reporters each day. This change, she said, will give the station the opportunity to show the Fort Collins community that CTV is its exclusive source.

The future success of the RMSMC depends on how it serves its evolving and increasingly technologically savvy audience, Steward said.

He said Nick Sebesta, the KCSU-FM radio station manager-elect, brings that passion for the audience and will help contribute to success in this area when he takes the station’s mast in spring 2009.

Sebesta, the current sports director at KCSU, said he was honored to be chosen for the position he had worked for the past two and a half years, and he said he wants to run “the best station around” by utilizing blogs and improving the radio’s Web site.

“I want to grow KCSU especially on the technology side,” Sebesta said. He said he would push blogs, Web-based multimedia content and KCSU content that could be made available on portable devices, like Blackberries.

Sebesta, in accordance with Timby, said while RMSMC’s sports convergence has been successful, he wants to further that collaboration with news, music and TV to produce a more diverse and competitive product.

Steward said Collegian Editor in Chief-elect Virginia Singarayar, whose position was announced Thursday night, was chosen because of her emphasis on employee training in media practices and ethics and her vision of partnership between advertising, CTV, KCSU, College Avenue and the Collegian, among others.

Thursday night after she was told she was selected as the 2009 to 2010 school year’s editor in chief, Singarayar said she was eager to work with a talented staff and move the paper and all of Student Media into the future of the changing world of journalism.

“I’m really excited to have an amazing staff to work with,” she said. “I want to make sure we put out a quality product every day and give our readers what they want.”

Referencing the unstable state of journalism, as newspapers across the nation are being put up for sale or are facing economic hardship, Singarayar said journalists should not be afraid but should make changes as the industry does.

“People are always going to need news in one way or another, and what we do at Student Media is provide the news to the community of Fort Collins, CSU and beyond,” Singarayar said. “And what I think is even if we’re not printing the news in newspaper form, we’re going to be providing the news in other forms for years to come.”

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