Dec 092008

I love it when it snows because then my shoes look clean.

If your boyfriend is spending more time skiing than with you, you’re obviously

not skiing enough.

Manlaw 856361, You will lose your man status after attending two consecutive

classes to watch presentations with or of your girlfriend.

Thank you to Professor Figaro for reading RamTalk out loud in class on Tuesday!

You would think finding your 6-foot-long escaped snake in your house wouldn’t be that difficult. Wrong.

You know you need a break from the ladies when you can describe your personal life by singing an Avril Lavigne song.

To all you long boarders who treat the people on campus like an olympic slalom course, keep it up and I will proceed to go Tanya Harding on your asses.

Not that I have a problem with knock-off brand cereals, but I really can’t tell what the Marshmallow Mateys shapes are because they don’t have any clever jingle commercials to let us know what they are.

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