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Dec 092008

Some forms of protest are just too good to pass up.

Today, folks across the nation will be “calling in gay” to their workplaces in support of gay rights, an idea that, initially, is a bit perplexing.

The idea is to show Americans (and especially employers) how reliant the U.S. is on the participation of gays and lesbians in the workforce. The ultimate hope of this campaign is to get people to realize that gay and lesbian men and women are not only regular people, but that they are pivotal to the smooth function of our society.

However, given the state of the economy, some are protesting the method, saying it will cause more damage than good.

The protest organizers have answered this with a simple request: Don’t call in gay and sit on your couch; call in and volunteer.

Still, calling to make a point could still have negative ramifications for businesses already in a trying time.

Of course, any minor setback experienced by companies pales in comparison to the setbacks experienced by members of the gay community in the United States.

In several states, gays are unable to wed, adopt children, obtain health benefits for their partners or even make medical decisions for their ailing loved ones.

What’s worse: the continued denial of these basic rights to people because of their sexual orientation, or taking a day off work to make a point?

For the Collegian editorial board, it’s a no-brainer. We’re calling in gay.

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