Dec 032008

By next June, two students could be acting as voting members on the CSU System Board of Governors

At Wednesday’s BOG meeting, Seth Walter, student government director of legislative affairs, asked for the board’s support as the Associated Students of CSU moves forward on a new Senate bill, which proposes that legislature give voting rights to the two non-voting students that already sit on the board.

The two students to gain those rights would be the student government presidents for both CSU-Fort Collins and CSU-Pueblo.

The student body currently has no access to information discussed in the board’s large number of executive sessions — sections of their meetings reserved only for members of the BOG, from which no information can be reiterated. And while the two students on the board are permitted to listen to the private discussions, doing so reaps no benefit for anyone, because, as of now, they have no vote with which to represent the students.

Giving two students the ability to vote inevitably gives them the power to express how we, the students who elected them, feel about issues that relate directly to us.

It’s only possible to truly move forward as a university if CSU — the students, faculty, staff and BOG — act collectively to assure that all levels of input are heard.

Right now, we can only hope that the board allows students to be a part of the process that will hire our next president. Supporting ASCSU in their efforts to make sure that students have voting rights will assure that we’ll be a part of future imperative decisions.

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